Friday, March 5, 2021

Let's Channel Our Inner Ox

 "Year of the Ox"
Ink and watercolor, 7" x 11", Legion Stonehenge Aqua w/c paper, 100% cotton hot press

I love the the way these red lanterns and balls appear all over the Bay Area in February, in celebration of the Chinese New Year. I saw this tree in Palo Alto a few weeks ago, as I was about to receive my first vaccination for COVID-19 on the Stanford campus. 

The tree stood at the entrance of a busy strip mall area near the campus, and the reds really jumped out at me. Since I'm learning to trust those moments when I feel like I just have to get a photo or make a sketch, I returned and took a photo after my vaccine. 

And I love that this is the year of the ox. If ever we needed the characteristics of an ox--stubbornness and perseverance, strength and patience--it would be now.  

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