Friday, February 17, 2023

Scratching My Head Over Sycamores


Watercolor in 8" x 8" Hand Book sketchbook
100% cotton cold press paper

I love sycamores. I mean, I really love them. 

I made this sketch from a photo I took while in Iowa recently, and  I was moderately pleased with it so decided to try to bring it along further in a stand-alone painting (see below). 

But the stand-alone painting is less pleasing to me, even though it took considerably more time to finish. I have it propped up on my desk, hoping it will grow on me.

So far, it hasn't. 

When you're on an art learning curve of your own, you often wish you had your own personal mentor-teacher. I may see if my favorite w/c teacher, Shari Blaukopf, will let me post these images on her "Sketching Winter" course and ask for her feedback. She readily gives feedback on artwork done in imitation of her demos; she'll also make comments on artwork done that is related to the theme of the class. I try not to take advantage of this (I'm a former English teacher, after all, and I still shudder at the idea of giving written feedback on anything!) 

Meanwhile, I'm scratching my head over these sycamores, but it doesn't mean I love sycamores any less. 

10" x 10" watercolor
Arches 100% cold press paper

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Finn Having Fun


Finn Having Fun 1 
8" x 8"watercolor 

There's nothing like watching a dog who loves to romp in the snow, unless it's painting a dog romping in the snow. During my recent stay in Iowa, I was so lucky to have several walks with this pooch and my good friend, Kelly.

Finn Having Fun 2
8" x 8" watercolor

Another Painting with the Help of Shari


Victorian Vignette 3
8" x 12" watercolor on 100% cold press paper

Another painting done with the help of Shari Blaukopf's third demo in her Victorian Vignette online watercolor painting class. She's such a great teacher, and I do learn from following her methods, even if the final results are not my own compositions. 

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