Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Third Time's a Charm...For Now


B & R's Barn
10" x 10" watercolor
Arches 100% cotton hot press paper

I've painted three versions of this special place designed by friends in Iowa. It holds their garage plus a lovely apartment that we have stayed in periodically over the past ten-plus years. These friends live life so intentionally and admirably, and their "barn" is so lovely--I just wanted to convey my appreciation with a painting. 

I don't really feel my current w/c skill set adequately conveys the essence of this special place. I know the perspective is off here and there, and I have my usual issue with overapplying layers of paint, using it more like tempera than transparent watercolor.

Still...this painting is considerably better than the first two versions. Maybe I'll try the composition again in another year. 

But for now, I'm going to frame this one and send it to our friends. I hope it conveys how much I adore them--and their beautiful barn.

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