Saturday, March 19, 2022

Palm Fixation


Palm Buddy
6" x 9" watercolor
on Fluid cold press paper

Still finding inspiration in Canadian artist Shari Blaukopf's online course, "Behind the Palms." With this one I decided not to use ink for sketching in the foundational drawing--just pencil lines. 

And I probably told more of the story than I needed to--in other words, rendered too many details, especially on the palm itself. 

And went too dark too fast on the palm, so had to lighten up with my old standby, white gouache mixed with a hint of color, since it is opaque and works to lighten up after you've given away the white of the page. 

BUT...there's still something about this one that I kinda sorta like. Not sure what it is. Two weeks taped up on the wall above my desk will tell me if it was just a passing fancy or a true liking. 

Sunday, March 6, 2022

Another House in the 'Hood
8" x 8" ink and watercolor
Fluid cold press paper

Still trying to channel artist Shari Blaukopf's use of ink and luminous watercolor. Keeping watercolor transparent is a particular challenge for me, but I think I did a reasonable job  with this painting of a house near me in Alameda, CA. Thank you, Shari, for the inspiration and for your great teaching. Your online courses are awesome! 

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