Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Bad to Better

Love Those Iowa Tomatoes
4x6" pen and ink, watercolor
Arches hot press paper

Funny how making art can elicit such fluctuations in mood. After I created the tomatoes above in just a few minutes, I just felt...happy! 

Yet prior to that I had worked for hours on the mountain/grasses painting below, and even though I learned a lot in the process, I felt dull and grumpy every time I noodled with it. Still, what I learned on that miserable painting informed what I produced on the top. (And did I say that one makes me happy?) 

These fluctuating emotions are not to be resisted as an artist. They're a valuable, shorthand compass for what to do more of, or less of; for what style suits us best for now; and for when to keep at it even though the payoff may not be immediate. It does take perseverance to ride this roller coaster as an artist...but I think it's worth it. 

Mountains and Grasses
9x12" Arches cold pressed paper

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  1. Interesting. Mountains/Grasses made you miserable while Tomatoes made you happy. For me, it's your Mountains/Grasses that give me a feeling of joy. (And from Chuck I learned there's an important difference between happy and joy.) Jim


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