Monday, February 12, 2024

Poppy Process


Poppy Study
8" x 8" watercolor 

So it's poppy season in Northern California, and that means new poppy paintings in the works. My process, for better or worse, seems to be shifting somewhat. 

Instead of starting right in on a painting, I've gravitated to making initial sketches that show values and colors in a spiral-bound notebook full of drawing paper. I make notes about the sketch. See the initial sketch-with-notes below. 

Second stage is a quick color study such as the above, usually in a sketchbook with watercolor paper. Sometimes the quick color study makes me decide not to proceed with a stand-along painting; other times, it gives me fuel for going for it. This color study does give me the fuel I need to move forward.

Sometimes I find I like the quick color study better than the finished painting. 

Stay tuned and wish me luck. I'd sure like a stand-alone 10"x 10" painting to accompany the canna painting I finished last week.  

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