Thursday, December 15, 2022

Once More to Big Sur

Big Sur, Again
9" x 12" watercolor and ink
Arches 100% hot press paper

I have no idea why I'm stuck on this composition of a Big Sur scene. But it felt good to get out the Sailor pen with the calligraphic nib and ink in some lines. I hoped that they would serve as a grounding structure so that I could be more sloppy with the watercolor washes. They did and I was. 

But the ink feels like training wheels, in a way, and casts the piece into more of an illustration than a watercolor painting. (Nothing against illustration, mind you--there are some wonderful illustrations out there. I just don't intentionally think of myself as an illustrator.) 

Or it makes me wonder if I need to tackle a new learning curve in printmaking, since, lines tend to figure more prominently in prints--though not always. But again, there's so much to learn with watercolor painting that I'm not sure I want to embrace a new medium just yet.

Still trying to find my way. But definitely having fun in the process. 

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