Thursday, August 18, 2022



10" x 10" watercolor
on Arches 100% hot press paper

I heard about an artist who paints a half dozen paintings at a time--same composition, step by step, layer by layer. I decided to try it today with two paintings, one on hot press paper (above) and one on cold press paper (below). 

The actual painting on the hot press looks better than this digital version, and I think it like it better. But in both cases I had the same issue, which is that it's tough to keep the transparency with the color red. Other artists talk about this--it's not just me. I need to do some research on how to work with reds. 

I like this multiple paintings approach. With watercolor there's so much time spent waiting for paint to dry before adding another layer. Switching to a different painting helps take care of the waiting--you can just work on another painting. 

And if you wish you had done something differently, this approach gives you another immediate chance. 

10" x 10" watercolor
on Arches 100% cold press paper

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