Sunday, August 7, 2022

Once More to the Sketchbook

What's the panacea for the "efforting" mode you find yourself in occasionally as an artist? You know about efforting, right? That's when you're trying too hard to make a perfect painting or to show clear progress on your learning curve. An artist friend of mine coined the word--thank you, Kelly.

For me, the panacea is reverting to the sketchbook and just messing around in my 8" x 8" Field watercolor journal with Fluid 140# cold press paper. I sat in the car to draw and begin painting the house above (Alameda is full of really interesting houses, architecturally), and then finished it the next day in my studio.  

The second one is a little sketch of my husband and our youngest grandson, who loves getting his feet wet at the local beach. 

And this one is my initial color study for the Big Sur paintings I've posted recently. Wouldn't you know--I probably like it better than the "finished" Big Sur paintings. That's what tends to happen when you're just messing around.

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