Monday, December 27, 2021



Tulip Study #4 
8' x 10" watercolor and pencil
on Arches 100% cotton cold press paper

Detail, Tulip Study #4 

Tulip Study #1
5" x 7" watercolor and pencil

I won't even show the #2 and #3 studies. 

And #4 got pretty dark, pretty fast. I should call it "Gothic Tulips." Must be all this cold and rain in northern CA. Not complaining, mind you--we need the rain. 

I kind of like the cropped version of #4 (see second image, above), but #1 is still probably my favorite. I like the lighter touch.

Watercolor purists would probably not let the pencil lines show, and they certainly wouldn't darken the pencil lines, like I did on #4. 

Just another day on the watercolor learning curve. 

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