Thursday, October 7, 2021

Channel the Inner Hermit But Stay Open

6.5" x 10" ink and watercolor 
on Arches 100% cotton hot press paper

I don’t know how anyone can develop as a writer or artist without learning how to channel their inner hermit. Learning and practicing these crafts requires a considerable amount of solitude, which can be tough to come by with life’s other commitments.

It can be a mad dance to finally eke out the time and space to settle into a piece of writing or a painting. Even then, the creative process does not necessarily switch on easily. There are decisions to make: Do I want to write or draw or paint? What is my subject matter? What tools will I use? It can take a while to finally find a groove. 

Yet there’s also the matter of staying open to the life in front of us. After all, we do have day jobs and families and friends and commitments to our communities. And if we’re lucky, occasional travels, even though there may be no time for creating except to snap photos or make quick sketches or write short journal entries.

Thank goodness. Because while it’s true that creating gives us fuel, it’s also true that living gives us fuel, too, in the form of deep connections to others and material to paint and write about. Life’s other commitments also give us hunger for creative time, a hunger which drives us to dig deep and find creative ways to channel our inner hermit.

The sphere of living helps complete the sphere of creating, and vice versa. It’s all a dance worth learning and practicing—for life.







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