Sunday, June 6, 2021

And Again


Alameda Bird of Paradise Revisited, 9" x 9" watercolor on Arches 100% cold press paper 

I think I like this better than the last version. Time will tell. Two weeks of this taped to my office/studio wall, next to the last version, will let me know. 

It takes every fiber of my being to slow down and paint this way--letting washes of paint dry to a sheen before adding more paint, letting some areas dry completely before glazing new layers of paint, trying to give a 3-D effect to a 2-D medium, trying to make it look "real." 

And yet again, this would win no contests in the California Watercolor Association. Plus I'm not really sure I even want to be a realist painter. And I don't necessarily want to just be a painter of pretty pictures. 

For some reason, though, it seems important to go through this phase. 

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