Monday, January 25, 2021

Art on Demand

 Hiding with Favorite Pillow in the Nasturtiums 
7" x 10" watercolor
Arches 100% cotton cold press paper

I agreed to paint two pet portraits for the local Frank Bette Center for the Arts, a place I am indebted to for helping me find some great art classes plus a wonderful artist-tribe that I see and enjoy (these days via Zoom) on a near-weekly basis.

The deal for the fundraiser was that people could submit photos of their pet...and for $20 they would get in return a drawing or painting created by an acclaimed artist, or a volunteer who flunked art school, or someone in-between. (In-between, at your service.) 

I normally shy away from art-on-demand projects--it adds a layer of pressure I'm not really ready for as an artist--but I'm so thankful for the Frank Bette Center community that I agreed to take on two portraits. It was a good challenge. 

It also reminded me of how very much I do love canine companions. I fell in love with both of these creatures. 

8" x 10" pen and watercolor
Arches 100% cotton hot press paper

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