Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Three Confessions

Along the Bay
5" x 7" Arches Cold Pressed paper
Three confessions. 

I exaggerated the sky drama in this painting. The truth is, the sky is rarely this cloudy here in the Bay area.

I miss the dramatic sky shows in the Midwest this time of year. Thunderclouds, anvil clouds, cumulus clouds, cirrus clouds, the near certainty that it will rain sometime soon -- I miss all that.  

While walking along the bay this a.m. and listening to the shorebirds and lapping waves, I heard a couple talking to each other. They must have been visitors because one looked around and said, "What a great place to shelter in place." 

Indeed. These almost year-round, cool-but-sunny days are kinda growing on me, here in Alameda. 

We may be talking addiction here, folks. 

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