Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Is the Muse Calling?

I saw this big bush of geraniums around the base of a tree in Alameda while walking through a residential area. The chartreuse green, the burgundy pattern in the leaves, the bright red flowers – it all tickled my art muse.  

The next day, using a photo I had taken, I drew the bush in ink and then brushed in the colors. When I can avoid being hyper-critical, making art puts me into a wonderfully meditative, present-moment state.

Once I had finished the painting, the colors vibrated with energy from my desk. I experienced that little “maker’s high” -- that feeling that you get when you have created something that you like, even just a little bit.

Years ago I worked as an editor for a testing company. I’m grateful to that job that helped feed my family, but it was a terribly dull job, and the days and years were long. An editor-friend/colleague told me she got up early each morning to write fiction. “It helps me stand things,” she told me.

As it turns out, art and writing help me stand things, too, especially during this strange time.

The muse seems to be in a giving mood. Is a creative activity calling you?   

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