Thursday, May 10, 2018

Another Version

House in the Hood 2
Fountain pen ink and watercolor on 7x10" Stonehenge Aqua Hot press
I decided to try another version of the house across the street, and this time I allowed myself to use ink for definition and shadows, as opposed to last time when I was strict with myself re: no ink.

At one point with this one I wished I hadn't started in on the ink, but I followed a valuable principle I've learned lately from "process painting," about which I'll write another time. For now, suffice it to say the principle is "What happens if you do more of what you don't like?" So I applied more and more ink, and the composition got darker and darker...and then I discovered I kinda liked that darker-darker thing going on. In fact, this composition needed more dark. Surprise!  

Once again, the value of multiple versions. It's like the old days, practicing clarinet passages over and over again...but now it's practicing different techniques on the same composition. 

Yes doc, I know I could take a pill for this kind of obsession, but this is much more fun.

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