Friday, April 27, 2018

Another House in the Hood

What do you do when you only like part of a painting? I was happy with that sky and the faint outlines of the trees...

"Frank Lloyd Wright's Stockman House"
Watercolor and ink on 8x8" Coldpress Fluid Watercolor paper 
But the trouble started with the black ink. I was oh-so-close without it -- just needed a small paint brush and patience for the finer details -- but as soon as I started adding ink, I knew it was going to weigh the painting down too much.

When will I learn? 

On the other hand, I was okay with the ink in the preliminary value sketch below....which is probably made it more tempting to add the ink in the second painting above. 

Value Study for "Stockman House"
in Stillman and Birn Sketchbook, Mixed Media, Heavyweight/White/Smooth surface
To ink or not to ink...that seems to be a big question for me these days. 

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